The EDPE 2019 Conference (i.e., the 19th International Conference organised in Slovakia since 1973 and 9th joint Slovak-Croatian conference) continues in tradition of two former conferences established independently in Slovakia and Croatia. They have belonged to the oldest conferences established in Europe in fields of power electronics and drives.

Since 2003, when they merged, they are organised biennially, alternatively in both countries. Thus, the current conference is the 9th Joint Slovak-Croatian Conference.

Beginning in 2015, EDPE proceedings are indexed in IEEE Xplore, Scopus and Web of Science.

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EDPE 2019 Photo Gallery Proceedings (IEEE Xplore)
EDPE 2017  Photo Gallery Proceedings (IEEE Xplore)
EDPE 2015 Photo Gallery Proceedings  (IEEE Xplore)
EDPE 2013 Photo Gallery Proceedings (pdf, 80 Mb)
EDPE 2011   Proceedings (pdf, 68 Mb)