1.  Power Electronics and Applications

1.1  Power Semiconductor Devices and Modules
1.2  Power Semiconductor Converters
1.3  Control of Converters
1.4  Power Quality, EMC, Filtering and PFC
1.5  Converters for Special Applications
1.6  Modelling and Simulation in Power Electronics

2.  Electrical Machines and Drives

2.1  Special Electrical Machines
2.2  Control of AC and DC Drives
2.3  Control of SRM Drives
2.4  Special Drives
2.5  CAD of Electrical Machines
2.6  Modelling and Simulation in Electrical Drives

3.  Motion Control and Mechatronics

3.1  Sensors and Observers
3.2  Servodrives
3.3  Drives for Vehicles and Traction Drives
3.4  Multi-motor Drives
3.5  Industrial Drives Applications
3.6  Mechatronic Systems with Drives
3.7  Robotics, Robot Control
3.8  Motion Control

4.  Other Related Topics

4.1  Measurement and Signal Processing
4.2  Control Systems and Algorithms
4.3  Human EMC
4.4  Emerging Technologies
4.5  Education and Training
4.6  International Projects

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